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Hydronic underfloor heating works by heating the water through a heat source. It then circulates warm water between 30-50 degrees through a series of pipes usually embedded in a concrete floor to radiate heat throughout the room.

Radiator panels tend to use warm water between 60-70 degrees which are mounted on the walls to heat the room.

The most common heat sources used are natural gas boilers, heat pumps and wood fires.
Hydronic heating has many benefits besides being very cost-effective. It is safe for children and pets and reduces the suffering from asthma and other airborne allergies, and it is a quiet system that can only be felt, not heard.


The Mini Cube

Our MiniCube system is specially developed for the growing Agriculture sector in Australia. This innovative new heating design saves farmers on average 20% in heating cost compared to conventional systems.

The MiniCube system uses a little bit of gas that heats water via a highly efficient boiler. The warm water then goes through the flow pipe into the heat exchange. From there, the heat gets transferred into the second sealed system. The water goes through the flow pipes, through the circulating pumps and into the flow manifolds. The warmth then goes into the heat pads inside the farrowing shed. From there, the cooler water goes back into the return manifold back through the heat exchange, where the process gets repeated.

Another great advantage is that we custom build the system uniquely to the owner’s specification; this allows us to use it for farrowing sheds and Chicken Farms, Nurseries, Wineries or Animal Boarding Kennels.

Our qualified plumbers have over 25 years of experience in the Hydronic Heating industry.

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