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Recycled water (Greywater) comes from the showers, baths, spas, bathroom hand basins, washing machines, laundry troughs and evaporative air-conditioning units. This water can be harnessed, filtered and diverted into the garden.
The average person uses around 100L per day, every day that goes straight into the sewer. A family of four uses 400L a day; imagine how much money you can save on watering your garden.

At Eco Building Supplies, we only use the highest quality greywater diversion systems. All the designs are Watermark Certified and approved in all states across Australia. The system technology meets even the most stringent environmental health and safety requirements.

Grey Flow PS System

The Grey Flow PS System is a whole house diversion system that is installed below ground.

The system works because it intercepts the wastewater from the laundry, shower and hand basins flowing towards the sewer. Here the water goes into a buffer tank via a set of filters. When the water level rises in the buffer tank, the float switch on the pump is activated and the filtered greywater is discharged through the drip irrigation system. Every 20 pump starts the self-cleaning mechanism is activated.


Key Features
  • State of the art self-cleaning mechanism
  • Auto de-sludge configuration
  • Extra low maintenance (2 years filter clean)
  • Simple & robust design
  • Small footprint to fit most homes
  • Easy & economical 2 stage install
  • Suits even the deepest installation
  • 100mm inlet and outlet

Grey Flow Pro System

The Grey Flow Pro system is a true Greywater diversion system designed for larger homes and commercial use.

The greywater is directly diverted to the garden with a maximum daily volume of up to 24,000 litres. The unique design, which integrates multiple sensors and a self-cleaning mechanism, enables large amounts of greywater to be reused in a maintenance-free manner. This greywater system is the most powerful diversion system available in the market.

Key Features
  • Easy install Plug & Play Unit
  • An automatic backflush filtration system
  • Extra-low maintenance (2year filter clean)
  • Economical manual filtration option
  • State of the art robust design
  • For above & below ground installations
  • 100mm inlet & outlet

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