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Automatic Changeover Devices

Automatic changeover devices switch between rainwater and mains water. They are installed in line with the mains water supply. The water pressure from the pump will close two non-returnvalves in the mains line; due to this; the rainwater can come through.

This is particularly great when there is a power failure; while your pump won’t work, the mains water will flow through freely.

We stock various options of top-up systems and changeover devices, depending on your needs and budget.

The fully automatic change over devices gives you peace of mind and the maximum use of your rainwater.

The Rain Aid top-up system is the most cost-effective way to top up your rainwater tank. When the float goes below a set point, mains water runs into your tank.

BIA Rainsaver MK6 (can only be bought in combination with pump)1000 kPaAuto
AcquaSaver1000 kPaAuto
RainPro (can only be bought in combination with pump)800 kPaAuto
Apex RainAid55-1200 kPaTop-up

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