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Tannin Reduction

The leaching of highly water-soluble tannins from decaying vegetation and leaves in your stored water can leave you with a bad-smelling and/or bitter-tasting water and can also cause a tea-like tinge to the water. Whilst on its own, it’s not harmful to your health and is safe to use it can be extremely unpleasant to drink or use. It can also cause staining on fixtures around the home. The TR Series cartridge can be regenerated with brine water (saltwater) to extend the cartridge life. The cartridge removes tannin through the use
of selective ion exchange resin.

The TR Series cartridge is specifically designed to reduce tannin/organics only, so it is best used in conjunction with a two or three-stage filtration system such as the HYBRID-G13. It is recommended to have sediment pre-filtration to avoid premature blocking of the TR Series cartridge, and carbon post-filtration to reduce taste & odour.

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TR20MP24.5" x 20"50L/min20

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